3 Advantages of Diving with Open Heel Fins

why you should dive with open heel fins


Open Heel Fins are more attractive to divers who want to go in deeper depths and colder temperature. These best scuba fins that have open foot pockets in the back. The foot pockets are usually made out of more inflexible material than the full foot fins. These fins are designed to be worn with the best dive booties especially when diving into rocky shores. There are some with strap fins, though, that are designed to be worn barefoot. In choosing for the size of open heel fins, divers usually tend to run larger than the size to accommodate the extra space for the booties. There are many reasons why you should dive with open heel fins and here are some:


 1. For Extra Thermal Protection

Open heel fins can be used in water for all temperatures and are usually used in cold water environments for providing extra thermal protection. Divers who plan to dive in cold water or who chill easily will be more comfortable in open heel fins with dive booties. These fins are also essential when using a dry suit. Dry suits enclose a diver’s feet and can only be shoved into open heel fins.


 2. For Protection Against Rough Surfaces and Slipping

Protection is only of the main reasons why you should dive with open heel fins. Dive booties protect a diver’s feet from hot, cold or rough surfaces. They are essential when performing shore entries over rocky ground. The grip on the soles of the dive booties may also help the diver to have full control over the balance and grip to keep from slipping on slick and wet surfaces.


3. For Ease of Adjustment

Open heel fins are typically equipped with adjustable straps – which aids in making everything easier. Adjustable straps make it easy in tightening or loosening fins to fit the diver’s foot size. The adjustable straps not only make adjusting the fit easier but also donning and removing the fins from the diver’s fit.

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