3 Points to Remember When Choosing the Best Trolley Bag

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When going for a dive, the best dive bag is on you should not notice. Your focus should be all about your trip, not dragging a failing bag through as the zippers split, the wheels seize and the seams fall apart. Choosing the best dive is not an obvious thing. Small issues can be big ones half way through your trip. When getting a luggage, you’re basically looking for positive points while avoiding the negatives. Here are some points to narrow down your choices:

  • Construction

A bag that opens into 2 halves is great for organizing your gear. It does not only make organizing easier but also when disengaging your gear. Weight matters. The secret is getting a trolley bag with rounder corners as corners get trashed sometimes. You have to take note to get one with protected and strong corners. You also have to make sure that the bag still stands upright even when it is loaded.

  • Hardware

The bigger and softer the wheels are, the better. These makes the wheel roll easier. Hard wheels most likely clatter on tiles and most likely get jammed on rocks. When it comes to the zips part, the bigger the better. Most bag companies save loads using cheap generic zips but this is a downside on the product. You have to get one with somehow a big zip as tiny ones tend to break easier especially if you use your bag often. Also having internal straps can help secure your gear and can aid in organizing your gear.

  • Model

There are soft-sided trolley bag and hard-sided trolley bag. Soft bags are more common than hard-sided luggage are easier to squeeze into. Hard sided ones are better in protecting items better than soft sided. However soft sided are easier to clean. Whichever you plan to get, make sure that you’re paying for the best quality. Flimsy-hard sided trolley bag can crack or break under pressure, while cheap soft sided trolley bags have the possibility to tear.

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