3 Tips On How To Prolong Your Best Dive Booties Life

best dive booties


Quality comes with price but not all expensive products have high quality. Cheap products may last too that is if you take care of them properly. Taking care of your best dive booties is the same as taking care of your best scuba wetsuit. It doesn’t require much handwork but only a little washing, drying and proper storing, your best dive booties will surely last. Maintenance is very important as most divers do not want to hurt their wallet by buying new dive equipment every now and then. Here are tips on how you can prolong your best dive booties’ life:


* Rinse
It is important to immediately rinse your best dive booties using freshwater every after dive. This is because the salt in the water can cause the neoprene in the booties to lose its flexibility. Another thing is neoprene’s smell gets nasty once unwashed. It’s best to just place them in a tank of fresh water to soak for a short period of time, around 15-30 minutes using an antiseptic liquid or wetsuit shampoo. If you don’t want to hurt your wallet, baby shampoo is said to work as well. This helps remove any salt and other organic residue on your best dive booties.


* Inspect for damage
Before you store your best dive booties, make sure to check them for any rips or tears not only before storing them but also during predive and after dive. Look for any small tears, splits or fraying. Some minor repairs can be easily fixed by yourself. If there is a large tear, it is best to replace your best dive booties. It is always wise to invest in a neoprene adhesive and some seaming tape if you dive often.


* Store properly
In storing your best dive booties, avoid direct sunlight. Store your them in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight degrades the neoprene material in the booties. Store them away from car exhaust fumes and avoid spraying aerosols. Do not bend or fold because this damages the booties permanently due to creasing. This may cause your best dive booties to lose its insulating effectiveness.

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