4 Tank Valve Violations You Should Never Do

Divers’ safety is the utmost priority. Always.

Tank Valves Awareness

As divers, safety is one of the many things we need to learn and give importance to. There’s no exception – even for the equipment a scuba diver is bound to use. Since divers depend on their gear to keep them safe, it is equally important to learn how to use and handle them. And no, we are not only talking about your regulators and BCD here, its in fact your every equipment and all their parts.

One of the important equipment parts that divers tend to forget to check is the tank valve. Tank valves ensure divers to be able to breath underwater, and with this fact, it is just wise to be conscious of the consequence that envelopes the equipment or else a life shall not be spared.

Let’s get straight to the point. Tank valves should only be fully closed and fully opened and the reason behind that is because of these things:
  • Unnecessary Alertness

Distraction is a no go in the diving world most especially if the disturbances will cause a problem to the safety of the people around them. Tank valves’ noise causes harm to our hearing when we are near it.

  • Destruction of other Equipment

In using the tank valve, there would be times in which the o-ring will be ejected, making the tank and regulator useless due to the gas being bounced off the cap and back to the valve face. This usually happens when the gas from the tank is used in drying the dust caps.

  • Life-threatening Dive

Underneath the surface, unpredictable incidents happen and the more deeper a diver goes, the more dangerous it becomes. Since tank valves are placed in between of the main source of oxygen and the regulator, it has the most important role of taking care of the divers’ lives. And yet, some divers forget how to properly adjust the valve.

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Moreover, here are the 4 cruicial tank valve violations every diver should be aware of, and should never do:
  1. Not Checking Any Signs of Leakage

    Tank Valves Awareness Leakage
    It is best to check if the valve is properly placed in the tank without showing any signs of leak and in order to make sure, try to sink the tank under water to see if bubbles appear.  If nothing happens, then you are safe. Always make sure that even if the valve is hard to rotate, as long as it prevents leakage, its fine. Don’t compromise safety. Never.

  2. Not Doing Simple Cleaning

    Tank Valves Awareness Simple CleaningTank valves can be easily cleaned by wiping it with dry cloth or you can also blow it dry. Divers do not need to make things harder by using difficult things to dry the cap of the valves. And if its so simple to clean it, why not do it?

  3. Being a Quarter Turner

    Tank Valves Awareness Valve TurnsNever let your valve be turned in a quarter or even a half since it could lead to absences of air once the diver is already deep down the sea. True enough that the difference between a completely opened/closed valve and a quarter/half-closed/opened valve can’t be seen at the start but that doesn’t mean one should try it cause it would be dangerous to do so. Since the air pressure differs as the diver descends deeper, the valve would be affected which is why it’s best to have a 100% opened or 100% closed valve in order to avoid sudden accidents.

  4. Not Calmly Taking Control

    Tank Valves Awareness Calmly Take Control

    Excitement, nervousness and anxiousness could prevent a diver to focus on things at hand especially once they’re underwater. Any situation that could cause them to panic will eventually make things harder for them to think of what they’re supposed to do. Divers must always remember to properly and calmly check their valves before jumping off to the sea. Take it easy, dear diver.

Your safety in diving is non-negotiable. So before doing the one-shot dive, learn about these important tank valve violations and tell yourself what to do.


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