5 Famous Best Dive Computer Brands for 2016

best dive computers

Any diver, sooner or later, will want his or her personal best dive computer or do an upgrade. This is quite a serious step that may involve an exhausting research. Nowadays, dive computers already became an important part of every set of your diving gear. If you are about to invest for one, these are the brands you may consider. Here are six of the famous best dive computer brands for 2016:

  • Aeris

There are a wide range of models that will satisfy beginners and novice recreational divers. Aeris dive computers deliver elegance, multi-functionality and reliability in a small robust package. These features made the company one of the leading brands for the best dive computers nowadays. Aeris has a variety of dive computers that can easily satisfy the needs of beginners, advanced and technical divers.

  • Cressi

Cressi best dive computers are designed for sports-diving. With their easiness of use and user-friendliness, they are great for any diving scenario. Whether you do freediving or if you are diving with air, cressi best dive computers is all within grasp. Cressi is now the oldest manufacturer of the best scuba gear in Europe.

  • Mares

Mares best dive computers occupy a big part of scubadiving market nowadays. They are going very popular around the world due to its Italian style and design. Not only it is popular with its Italian style but Mares best dive computers also expel in quality and performance. Mares became one of the leading brands when it comes to delivering highest quality in scubadiving, snorkeling and swimming activities.

  • Oceanic

When you say “oceanic” – you imagine the highest quality grade and all possible versatility of scuba diving equipment. Oceanic is a best known brand that doesn’t need much introduction as its brand already speaks for itself. Oceanic best dive computers re designed with patented new features which makes them unique and can satisfy even the most demanding diver.

  • Suunto

Suunto best dive computers are well known for their multi-functionality and elegance, for precision and reliability. Once you’ve tried suunto, you would not want to use another brand instead. Suunto dive computers are famous for their technology innovation and also for their design. It covers a wide range of models that can surely satisfy the demands of any diver: from beginner, recreational, technical and divers from freediving community.

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