5 Ways to Make Your Best Scuba Fins Last

best scuba fins

Do you still have your best scuba fins that accompanied you into your first diving experience? Are they still usable? How did you lose them?

Scuba fins are pieces of soft diving equipment and are surprisingly pretty easy to maintain. It does not really matter if your fins are high-end or of those local brands – how you maintain them would speak on how long they can and will last. Here are some tips for your best scuba fins to last:

1. Never store fins by simply balancing them on tips:

Balancing them on tips will result in distorting your fins permanently. Once distorted they won’t work properly in the future. Instead, you may place them flat on a surface or hang them onto a wide peg using the strap.

2. Keep them out of the sun:

Fins should be stored when not being used as too much heat exposure would result into premature cracking and discoloration. Sunlight exposure may also weaken the bonds between composite materials.

3. New fins usually come with foot pocket inserts:

To help maintain the shape of your fin’s pocket when not diving, store your fins with the inserts in place. This helps a lot in maintaining the shape of your best scuba fins – it is kind of like using a shoe tree for your street shoes. As long as you keep your fins shape, no matter how old your fins are, they would still look good.

4. Avoid placing the fins in a car trunk:

as the temperature inside the car trunks can exceed the temperature tolerance of your best scuba fins that may result in blade distortion.

5. Do not use any chemical or solvent for cleaning:

Most chemicals like oil, gasoline, alcohol, aerosols or chemical solvent deeply harms your best scuba fins. Most fins cannot also be lubricated or be applied petroleum jelly into. For cleaning your best scuba fins, you may rinse them thoroughly with fresh water and towel fry them before storage.

Maintenance is the key to make your best scuba fins last. Doesn’t really matter if they are high-end products or not as long as you know how to take care of them. Taking care of them doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. Simple actions may prevent complicated situations from happening. Have you gotten your best scuba fins for you yet? Do you have a favorite one? What other ways do you do for them to last?

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