Best Dive Fins on Sale: Get Seac F1 S Fins at $189, Save $50!

Best Scuba Deals - Seac F1 S Dive Fins Sale Save 50

Now this is what we call Best Dive Fins Sale!

I am sure you have heard about what we’ve got to say about the new Seac F1 S fins, and we just came up with 3 reasons why the Seac fins are one of the best dive fins you should get today.

But just when you thought the open dive season will be starting real soon and you need a new pair of dive fins, our best price slash is coming to the rescue!

Now you can get your new Seac F1 S Fins and experience good fit and comfort, increased speed and thrust without much muscular efforts, and improved stability while kicking at $239 $189.

Wait, what?

Yes, save $50 on your new Seac F1 Fins, plus get free delivery anywhere in Singapore!

Now you only need to care about your next dive destination. For your Seac F1 S Fins and for the rest of your dive gear? We can take care of it.

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Learn More About the SEAC F1 S Dive Fins:

A combination of cutting-edge materials, technical solutions and great attention to detail, the Seac F1 fins is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding divers. Its light weight helps to reduce muscular load and does not compromise on performance. 

SEAC F1 Fins Features

Blade material: technopolymer double material with high performance and high resistance to impact even at low temperatures
Shoe material: combination of technopolymer and thermoplastic elastomer.
1st plus: High profile strap.
2nd plus: Stabilisers.
3rd plus: Integrated rigid frame to stabilise the shoe.
Colour: Black/Blue/Red/Pink/Light Blue


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Seac F1 S Fins Sling Dive Fins

SGD 189 – BEFORE SGD 239

Until February 29, 2016

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