Best Scuba Brands


Seac presents itself on the diving market with a selection of scuba diving equipment, ree diving equipment, spearfishing equipment, snorkeling equipment and other water activities since 1971 and has been setting benchmarks ever since.


Poseidon boasts not only the best diving gear for recreational divers and for the military, but also prides itself on developing innovative diving systems like rebreathers – challenging the future of breathing underwater.


Suunto has the leading edge for design and innovation not only for sports watches but for dive computers and other essential sports instruments used by scuba divers and adventurers all over the globe.


Ocean Reef made its name in the diving industry for its contributions in the area of full face masks and underwater communication systems – enhancing the diving experience and ‘connecting divers’, indeed.


Safe Sea is more than just a sunscreen. It is a brand backed-up by various scientific studies, offering double protection from the sun and jellyfish stings but is non-toxic to the marine environment.


Tusa is a Japanese scuba brand committing itself to developing innovative equipment to improve the scuba diving experience, assuring quality standards – regulators or soft gear alike.