The Battle of the Best Scuba Fins: Full Foot or Open Heel?

The Battle of the Best Scuba Fins: Full Foot or Open Heel?
There is a great battle between full foot fins and open heel fins. Remember that when choosing the best scuba fins, there will always be a great impact between how much energy and oxygen you will consume. When choosing your next fins, your primary concern should be its efficiency and comfort. You will find a wide variety of fins in the market. And in choosing one that best fits you, you need to consider your level of experience in kicking ability and style, leg power and the type of diving you will be doing.

Despite the boundless choices in the market, you will only find two main styles of foot pocket – full foot and open heel.


Full Foot Fins

Full foot fins are preferred by most divers for their simplicity. These fins are usually cheaper than open heel fins as you do not need to wear any kind of dive boots or slippers with full foot fins. Though some divers prefer to wear neoprene diving socks to prevent their feet from getting blisters. You simply step into the soft and flexible foot pockets which surround your feet right in place, including your heels. If you are diving into tropical or warm waters, where thermal protection is not a concern, full foot fins can be the best scuba fins for you. The downside of these fins are they are not adjustable- the foot pockets either fit or not. When shore diving, you will need to consider where you will be walking as with nothing but full foot fins, your feet will be vulnerable over hot dive decks and rock pools.


Open Heel Fins

Open heel fins are fancied by divers who wants to go in deeper depths and colder temperatures. These fins are commonly used with dive booties which help divers’ feet from the cold and are common for recreational diving. Open heel fins are comfortable as they provide cushioning and chafing protection. These fins also have adjustable strap which make tightening or loosening the fins to fit the unusual foot sizes easier. For people who easily chill and when diving into colder waters, open heel fins can be the best scuba fins for you as they provide thermal protection. Open heel fins also cater added advantage of additional stability and maximum propulsion however the downside of these fins are they generally more expensive than full foot fins and they must come for the added cost of the dive booties.

The battle between of the best scuba fins will always continue, as people have different experiences among these two.

But always remember to ONLY choose the best scuba fins for you!

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