Flash Sale for Best Scuba Mask – Save 35% Today

Best Scuba Mask


Don’t have the best scuba mask for your next dive yet?

Avoid missing anything underwater by owning your own!

We are throwing off a 24-hour-only deal – get your best scuba mask today with 35% discount!

Limited stocks only. Now, grab yours!

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Learn More About the Best Scuba Mask on Sale

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Aropec Beetle Mask

Aropec Beetle Mask fits best for divers with small to medium faces. It’s a low volume mask with 100% silicone skirt and 4mm tempered glass.

  • 4mm tempered glass
  • Non-toxic & odor-free silicone skirts and strap
  • Quick adjust buckles and strap
  • Optical lenses available from -2.0 to -7.0

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Best Scuba Mask



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Best Scuba Mask on Sale
$22.75 – Before $35 (Save 35%)
Until May 10, 2016
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