Best Underwater Signaling Devices for a Safe Dive

best signaling devices

Underwater communication is hard enough as it is without having to constantly try to get your buddy’s attention to pass your message across. One of the most frustrating things in diving and also one of the most important one is signaling your dive buddy when he’s not paying attention.

Throughout the years divers have developed several methods to signal their buddies using simple homemade sound makers, from metal spoon in form of rattler to sophisticated electronic beeping devices. Here is a list of a few of the best scuba accessories that you can use as underwater signaling devices:

  1. Tank banger

A scuba tank banger is an easy way to get your buddies’ attention while diving. The sound carries very well underwater. It works by stretching out the plastic nob and letting it smack against the side of the tank. It’s great to use against a long aluminum tanks with no boot. It fits on 6.9 to 8-inched diameter cylinders.

  1. Dive stick

A dive stick is a 15 inches long and 1/4″ in diameter pointer made from strong aluminum. This tool is useful for shooting photos in an area with silt. It is rounded on one end and a hole in the other that comes with a split-ring attached – which you may attach to your BC. Commonly used by underwater photographers to go for that odd angle, avoid delicate corals, hold against current or use it as a mono-pod. It also aids in pointing out interesting marine life.


  1. Aqua Maraca

An Aqua Maraca is a signaling device that out-performs anything on the market and can be heard to a distance up to 30 meters. It has a simple-one handed on/off switch and can function for 24 hours if necessary. It’s a very simple device; all you need is a simple shake of this maraca.


  1. Sub Alert

Technical diving requires a sub-alert. A Sub-Alert can be a life saver. It can make a loud sound that can be heard 1.5 miles away from a diver in need. It could also be a source to help a diver in danger. Most divers strongly recommend this to be brought on every dive. It is compact in size and is attached to the inflator hose.


  1. Tank Rattle

A tank rattle is probably the most well-known option among the best signaling devices. Most are pretty solid and make a clear sound which can be heard in a moderate distance. simple and reliable. Great for anyone because it is left or right handed operational. It is usually equipped with a lanyard and a muffler. It operates just like a maraca.


  1. Dive Torch

A best dive torch can also be an option for a signaling device. Especially on a night dive or diving with poor light condition, where you can see nothing but darkness, the best dive torch could be the most essential thing you can count on to signal your buddies if you are in trouble.

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