Choosing the Best Dive Booties? Here’s What You Need to Know

Best Dive Booties

Having a really hard time choosing the best dive booties?

We know the feeling, we’ve been there! 

With all the varieties of dive boots available for every diver today, now we have the problem to choose.

Worry not! We, at Best Suba Deals, are here to help you with what you need to know in choosing only the best dive booties. 

Here are the 7 things you need to take note.

  1. Thickness

There is a general thumb rule that the thickness of your dive booties should be the same as your wetsuit. The thickness of the dive booties generally ranges from 2mm to 7mm. The thickness will depend on what kind of diving you are going to do.

On tropical or warm waters, a 3mm would do. If you are diving on cold waters, the thickness of your dive booties should be 5mm and above.

  1. Sole Type

The type of sole for your best dive booties is determined from where you will dive. The thin or soft sole is the popular choice for people who dives mainly from the boat. But if you are coming from the shore, the thick or hard sole is a greater choice. It will protect your feet from rocks, shells, other obstacles, and hot sand when walking.

  1. Cut

The cut for your best dive booties are very important too! Whether low, mid, or high top, depending on what kind of diving you are going to do.

If you are going to dive in warm or tropical waters, low to mid cut dive booties are the most adequate choice. You will need the extra weight, buoyancy, and warmth of the high cut dive booties when diving in cold waters.

  1. Closure

The closure is also essential in choosing your best dive booties. It can be a zipper down one side or may be tightened with a strap at the front of your dive booties or just full-on. This is how your dive booties are secured to your feet.

  1. Brands

The best dive booties are also from the brands that have created a cognition of quality, consistency, and trust. Not only they have shown a consistency in their quality in your dive booties, but also contributed to the development of the brand. The best dive booties’ brands offer safety and diminish your risk of disappointment.

  1. Ratings

We consider ratings and reviews which were taken from the divers who rated based on a scale of 0 to 5.0, to help us pick the best dive booties. These help us have an idea and comparison of the dive booties. And again, divers trust their buddies!

  1. Value for Money

The best dive booties have different price range but we consider price-quality relationship. To help you, here’s a few of the best dive booties with different prices but are surely worth every cent.


Now that you know these, it’s your turn to do your thing -decide and choose your best dive booties!


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