Here are Few of the Best Scuba Torches We Think You Should Have

Best Dive Torches


Dive torches or underwater torches are crucial especially when cave diving or deep diving.  As you go deeper  the underwater surface, your surrounding becomes darker  and therefore  experiencing difficulty in seeing what lies ahead of you. In certain diving situations,  torches are vital to avoid any unwanted accidents when in unfamiliar territories. A torch could be the only source to see the beauty of the surroundings around you.


Underwater torches come in different sizes, specifications and prices. Some have powerful, wide beams however you can also find bright small ones and some are usually smaller with narrow beams. Some have rechargeable or disposable batteries. When it comes to light, other torches have halogen and xenon bulbs which produce bright light but also consumes a lot of battery power, some have LED (light emitting diode) bulbs which are highly durable and energy efficient, and the last are HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs which provides as much light from half as much battery.


When choosing the best dive torch for you, some principles should be considered. Some of these are your diligence in taking care of your batteries, testing how easy it is for you to turn it on and off, the comfort level of how it would hold the light for an hour-long night dive. Other special features to be considered includes lanyards or multiple power modes. Some of the best dive torches that is in this 2016 are:

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Best Scuba Torches1. Aropec Firework 3W LED Compact Aluminum Dive Torch

Aropec Firework LED Compact Aluminum is an aluminum plated torch that has a 3 watts LED bulb with 150 lumens that lasts 6+ hours. Its bulb’s life lasts 10, 000 hours time and uses 3 x AAA cell batteries. It can uphold up to 100M underwater. It is 130mm by length and 30mm in diameter.




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2. Seac R10 Dive TorchBest Scuba Torches

Seac R10 is the most powerful of the Seac torch range. It has 3 functional modes – maximum, reduced and blinking power and has an anodized aluminum body which is light, highly durable and corrosion resistant with a magnetic on and off switch for security lock mechanism. Its lens is high durable glass tempered. This torch can withhold up to 100m and has 900 lumens which guarantees optimal visibility even under the most extreme conditions. It has 3 CREE XRE R5 LEDs and its battery life can last up to 70 hours (2 hours at maximum power) and has a weight of 790g, length of 165mm and a diameter of 61mm/220mm.



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3. Seac Q3 Dive TorchBest Scuba Torches

Seac Q3 is the best-selling torch and among the most popular on the market. It has one functional mode which is standard and consistent power output with high durable and corrosion resistant metal casing with double O-ring radial seal for better seal and leak resistance. It has 3 optimized LED light beams with 150 lumens and a battery life of 180 minutes. It uses 3 pieces of AA Alkaline batteries. It is 155mm in length and 45mm in diameter with a mechanical on and off switch.




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4. Ilumenox Focus Diving LightBest Scuba Torches

Ilumenox Focus Diving Light has a brilliant brightness brought to by optical focus lens designed with 3 super bright white nichia LEDs (candlepower)  and is water resistant up to 100 meters deep. It can last up to 50 hours in steady mode and 140 hours in flash mode and has a spare-O ring. It’s also equipped with hand strap and batteries.



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