Dry Bags Flash Sale: Get 30L from $9.99, Save 80%!


While enjoying water sports or even the simplest weekend adventures, how can you afford to lose the items you can’t afford to be without?

We couldn’t! And we know you can’t, too.

So we are rushing to rescue to keep your valuables safe!

Get a 30L dry bag at $9.99 and save a whopping 80%! 
Got more valuables to secure? Get a 45L dry bag at $21.99, save almost $88!

Organize, protect and carry your gear, accessories or diving equipment with a multi-function dry bag.

24 hours only. Grab yours and let the adventure begin!

[button title=”Get the 30L Dry Bag” icon=”icon-tag” icon_position=”left” link=”https://bestscubadeals.com/shop/force-21-kraken-dry-bag-30l/” target=”” color=”#e10b0b” font_color=”white” large=”0″ class=”box_shop_btn” download=”” onclick=””] [button title=”I want the 45L!” icon=”icon-tag” icon_position=”left” link=”https://bestscubadeals.com/shop/force-21-kraken-dry-bag-45l/” target=”” color=”#e10b0b” font_color=”white” large=”0″ class=”box_shop_btn” download=”” onclick=””]

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Learn More About the Best Dive Bags on Sale

  Force 21 Kraken Dry Bag 45LForce 21 Kraken Dry Bag 30L

Force 21 Kraken Dry sacs for outdoor activities, adventure and water sports.

Dry Bags On Sale Highlights:

  • Waterproof
  • Comes in 30L and 45L
  • Comes with blue and black colors
  • Lightweight but efficient!

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Force 21 Kraken Dry Bag 30L



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Best Dive Bags on Sale

starts at SGD 9.99 – BEFORE SGD 35

Until March 08, 2016

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[button title=”BUY 30L” icon=”icon-tag” icon_position=”left” link=”https://bestscubadeals.com/shop/force-21-kraken-dry-bag-30l/” target=”” color=”” font_color=”” large=”0″ class=”box_shop_btn” download=”” onclick=””] [button title=”BUY 45L” icon=”icon-tag” icon_position=”left” link=”https://bestscubadeals.com/shop/force-21-kraken-dry-bag-45l” target=”” color=”” font_color=”” large=”0″ class=”box_shop_btn” download=”” onclick=””]


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