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Best Scuba Mask

Don’t want to miss anything beautiful underwater during your dive?

Get only the best scuba mask for you that fits you!

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Learn More About the Best Scuba Mask on Sale

Best Scuba Mask

Seac Fox Mask

The Seac Fox Mask has been carefully designed to fit more comfortably on an Asian facial structure. Hypo-allergenic silicone skirt is very soft to mold to your face shape to stop leaks and reduce pressure on your face.

  • Skirt: With differentiated thickness in Comfort Silicone with Smooth Edges. Shape of the nose studied to facilitate compensation. Ideal for prolonged use
  • Lenses: Symmetrical in tempered glass
  • Buckles: Foldable integrated into the frame with micrometric adjustment using Easy Touch opposite buttons

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Seac Sub Fox Mask Black Blue



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Best Scuba Mask on Sale
$68 – Before $39 (Save 40%)
Until May 19, 2016
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