3 Key points in Choosing the Best Scuba Mask

Best Scuba Mask

A scuba mask is an essential personal diving equipment because a good quality mask that fits you well gives you the best viewing area possible. Once you go underwater, pretty sure you don’t want to miss anything.

So here are the 3 things to guide you in choosing the best scuba mask for you:


As a diver, it is recommended to own a mask since it needs to fit your specific face well. The goal is to find a mask that fits your face perfectly that you forget you have it on while snorkeling. Everyone has a unique shaped face therefore there is no single scuba mask model that best fits everyone. A well-fitting mask should feel very comfortable since you won’t have to over tighten the mask strap to keep it from leaking. If you gently inhale through your nose and the skirt of the mask and it wraps around your eye area with no air leaking in, then it should create a seal for you. Final testing for the fitness of your scuba mask, look around- straight ahead, up, down, sideways to see if there are any annoying blind spots.


Lenses are made to increase under water clarity during the less-than-perfect light conditions. Finding the lens that fits your vision is crucial in finding your best scuba mask. The special tinting makes the images crisper and clearer by cutting down on glare and filtering certain wavelengths of incoming light. It makes a difference in your vision underwater. This decision depends on your personal preference but a clear silicone allows for more light. A clear mask is a common option for beginners who like more peripheral vision while opaque dark silicon is a common choice for underwater photographers as it reduces glare.


Mask volume refers to the amount of air inside the mask. The deeper you are, the more water there is above you resulting to more pressure. To equalize the pressure, you have to exhale slightly through your nose using the air from your lungs to compensate the pressure increase. If you want to the feeling of openness and extended peripheral vision, go for high volume masks. Low volume masks offer an extra wide field of vision and designed with the lens closer to your face to reduce the inside air volume but may not be appropriate due to face shape. Less volume within the mask, the less volume you will have to refill. This benefits you by keeping more air inside your lungs where it’s needed.

These are three of the key points to always remember when choosing the best scuba mask for you. Happy diving!

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