Tips How to Defog Your Scuba Mask Like a Pro

How to Defog a Scuba Mask


Even if you have the best scuba mask among all the divers in the world, if it only fogs when you just need them, then it is useless after all.

In most diving trips, having a foggy mask is a common issue because of the humidity that causes the condensation of the mask’s lenses. Fogginess of the mask can ruin a diver’s much awaited diving experience for blocking his eyesight from seeing the beautiful corals and the surrounding marine life. It also affects a divers’ concentration to track its buoyancy.

And since the eyesight of scuba divers are very essential to us, fogging-up of our masks while diving is a thing we need to avoid!

To avoid this from happening, here’s our quick and easy must-do list!

For New Scuba Mask

For old and new divers who have just bought a brand new scuba mask, observe that it has a thin protective layer (usually of silicone) which you want to remove just before your dive. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to see through the lenses of your mask while diving because of fogging.

Here’s how you can remove the silicon in your new scuba mask and will be open for defogging:

Toothpaste (Yes, toothpaste!)
With a small amount of regular toothpaste you could either use your finger/a soft cloth to rub it on the lenses or you could also use an old toothbrush to brush the lenses 2-3 times for a minute. Only apply a small amount of pressure in order to avoid scratching the lenses. Then rinse with water.


And Before You Dive

And after every dive, it’s still best to rinse your scuba mask and apply a small amount of toothpaste to keep it from fogging up. Although I can understand that some of the divers won’t bring such stuff, there are still some alternatives for defogging your mask.

1. Saliva
The most convenient and money-free defogging alternative that divers use.
How to Use: Spit a small amount of saliva into your mask and rub it around for a minute then rinse it with water

2. Anti-Fog Diving Liquid
A commercial product that is proven and tested for defogging the mask and unlike the saliva, using an anti-fog diving liquid is much effective. And your wallets wouldn’t hurt still!
How to Use: A few drops of defogging liquid should be use in the mask, rub it using a finger. Then rinse with fresh water, avoid rubbing out the area where the defogging liquid is. (Our favorite is the cheap but reliable Aropec Anti-Fog Mask)

3. Baby Shampoo/Soap
Another commercial product that can be an alternative for defogging a diver’s mask. It’s inexpensive and will definitely not sting the divers eyes.
How to Use: Dab a small amount of the shampoo/soap to the mask and evenly rub it. Rinse with fresh water.

Knowing all of these convenient defogging tricks will surely help you to be fog-free when taking a dive. You will be able to enjoy your long awaited diving trip and you’ll be able to observe the beautiful surroundings under the ocean.

Have a great dive!

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