Learn How to Effectively Deploy Your SMB With These Easy Steps!


A surface marker buoyancy (SMB) is one of the items that could increase divers’ safety underwater. It is like the bridge between the diver and the person above the water, for it serves as communication for the two.

The best scuba smb is a long tubular inflatable tube that is attached to spool or line reels. It is commonly used as a distress signal, a location marker for boat pick up. They have various colors with special meaning for communication but the most common ones are orange, red or yellow.

It is already predictable to see an SMB in every dive spots since it is used to signal passing boats, before a diver’s accent. It is also one of the commonly used safety items that is often required before a dive. These are typically launched throughout the safety stop.

Okay, enough for the long descriptions. Teach me how to deploy it! 

Easy, here you go!

Launching one has never been easy; a diver could be tangled up in the line causing the diver to get pulled up to the surface, it could also influence one’s buoyancy below the sea. And in order to avoid such situations, here are some steps to help you.

1. Setting up one’s SMB

Step 1:  Attach your SMB to a spool instead of the line reel. Easy peasy!

Step 2:  Store it in the BCD pocket or you can clip it in your BCD.

2. Deployment of SMB during scuba diving.

Step 1: Find the perfect hover point,  and eject a small amount of air to make yourself a just a tad negative in the water.  

Step 2: Take out the DSMB and unpack it. Be careful not to drop the reel/spool

Step 3: Hold the DSMB and line spool in your left hand while your right hand will be used to pull open the bottom of the DSMB

Step 4: Slightly tilt your head, bring one of your regulator exhaust valves near the opening of the DSMB. Be careful to not get the regulator to be entangled in the line.

Step 5: Moderately take a deep breath, hold the DSMB opening over the valve and exhale.

Step 6: Once you’ve felt a strong tug from the DSMB, release it. Hold the line spool between your right and left index finger and allow it to unreel the line as needed.

Step 7: When the DSMB breaks into the surface, reel in a bit of the line. To let it  stand straight up on the surface.


There you go!

Launching a SMB is no easy task for beginner divers and all it takes is practice, patience, and more dives! Never stop practicing, it could be from time to time to hone your skill. It’s much better to have the necessary skill to do it, to avoid necessary trouble as much as possible.


What are your thoughts, divers? : )

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