How to Find a Leak-Proof Dive Mask

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Your Best Dive Mask is one of the most important diving equipment that you must personally own. It would be your ticket when exploring underwater. Most importantly, a diver cannot see underwater without a mask.

In choosing a dive mask it must have be tempered glass that could withstand the pressures underwater and the skirt of the mask should enclose your nose. It should also wrap around your eye area without any gaps.

Also, you would want a mask that has a good quality. Something that would give you the best viewing area possible and a mask that would fit you well to have a leak proof diving experience.

Here are 3 ways to help you in finding the Best Leak-Proof Dive Mask:


  • Fitness

When choosing a leak proof dive mask it must fit you well and you should consider the strap as loose as it possible else, just remove the straps. It should be sticking out because of the water pressure and not because of the strap pressure. For it would help seal the mask to your face.


  • Check

Always ensure that there is no hair in the skirt of the mask when you put it on the center and all of the edges of the mask must be in contact on your face. If not, the mask would fall of your face.


  • Seal

Lastly, try it out with a regulator or a snorkel. Then inhale through your nose and let the mask go with the grip of your hand. This would help in knowing if it has made a good seal to your face. The longer the mask sticks to your face the better it would be.


It would be better if you would try out different mask to find the Best Leak-Proof Dive Mask!

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