6 Easy Tips to Care and Preserve Your Dive Computer


6 Easy Tips to Care and Preserve Your Dive Computer

The best dive computer must be designed to withstand great depths and extreme underwater conditions, I bet you already know. Hence, most manufacturers like Suunto promise durability and unswerving performance despite how frequent you use your dive comp, or how long you have used it for.

But as responsible divers, we need to justify its not-so-cheap price by knowing how to best care for it. Indeed, properly caring for this high-tech diving instrument will help ensure reliability of service and long life.

And as we always say here at Best Scuba Deals, make the dollars count!

Here are the easy tips and tricks on how to maintain your dive watches and dive computers:

1. Rinse your dive computer with fresh water

After every dive, it is best to rinse your diving computer in fresh water to wash away the remaining droplets of salt water or other organic materials. You should also do it after every pool sessions too – get that chlorine off! You can also opt to clean with soft brush and mild soap to any buildup from salt and sunscreen or other deposits.

2. Revolve the bezel and inspect the gasket

If your diving watch or computer has a bezel, it is always wise to revolve it while rinsing or clean in order to eliminate any residues from your dives. After washing your dive comp, always inspect the gasket for any damages since they could deteriorate and might affect the resistance of the watch on the waters.

Also, inspect the brands and buckles for any damages and replace as necessary.

3. Don’t wear it in sauna or hot tubs

Wearing your dive watch in places where temperature changes extremely is a big no no for it will affect its sealing capabilities. It is always best to store it in cool, dry place with good ventilation. Prolonged storage in damp environments must be avoided at all times. Protect it against heat and direct sunlight.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Aside from heat, harsh chemicals could damage your dive computer too. Avoid any contact with solvents, as these would weaken the waterproof seals of your device. Even aerosol sprays must be kept out too. In the case of contact, get ready to bid goodbye to your computer. *Sigh*

5. Observe its Condition

Remember that the crown of your watch should not be adjusted underwater or else the water will seep in, causing the watch to stop working.  Also, ensure that no condensation appears in your device. If it has, then its best to let the professionals and tech people check it.

6. Preparing to dive

Before diving in, it is worth to spare time doing calibration check and seal check for your dive computers. This is a great way to avoid problems before they even occur.

Also, while unused and while travelling to your dive destination, pack your device under soft materials or any padding for extra protection. Surprisingly, your thick wetsuits will do the job!


Surely, these are almost no-effort ways to care for your dive computers. But I’m sure if done properly, you can save both money and time.


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