Why the Best Scuba SMB Should Be Mandatory, not Voluntary.

best scuba smb

Sometimes your best dive plans runs into a detour, unexpected things happen. Some unexpected things lead to something serious and worse, may result to something critical which could lead you to harm. To prevent this from happening, you should always carry with you safety equipment. One of these is a surface marker buoy or the best scuba SMB.

The best scuba SMB is built to be inflated at depth and sent to the surface on a line. The reasons why it is inflated at depth are as follows:

  • It is to mark the dive team’s position as soon as possible and to save time.
  • Some divers also use this as a lift bag though SMB’s are not designed for lifting. With just a tiny puff of gas into the SMB, it can already be used to keep it upright and it’s pretty easy to manage underwater.
  • By simply inflating it up, it serves a signal to others upright on the water to let them know that a diver is somewhere below that position.
  • A signal is important because most cases happen wherein divers deploy above the water surface and boats pass through – which most of the time, leads to accident deaths.

With a small clip or ring or simply a loop of the material on a loop on the bottom of the SMB connects the line from the connection point. It’s necessary to connect to this attachment point over the reel and bag so it snugs up. That is why spools are shipped with large loop so that the reel fits through. To make the job easier, you may also attach a clip. Now to avoid entanglement, the key part is to be extremely diligent in winding the reel up after use. After use, it’s recommended to reel the line out, attaching to end to a fixed point and laying the line out flat. Slowly then, reel the back line to ensure the line is neat and taught. The spool is likely to unravel over the reel side and potentially cause entanglement if it’s not tightly reeled up on a finger spool.

A handy inflatable tool to save your whole dive trip and yourself. Sometimes, little things save a big part of you. And it’s better to be safe than sorry for not carrying the best scuba SMB with you.


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