Looking for the Best Dive Computer? Here are our Top 5!

Best Dive ComputersDiving equipment has developed an impressing rate. These technologies made diving easier and safer. Safety should always be a diver’s top concern and having your own best dive computer is an extremely good idea. Dive computers have truly enhanced our ability to stay underwater efficiently.  These extraordinary devices offer divers a whole new dimension in freedom by allowing divers multi-level techniques. Below, we give you our top 5 best dive computers:

Suunto D4i / Suunto D4i Novo 
Best Dive Computers

Basic but functional. Simple yet it never goes out of style. These are he ultimate reasons why the Suunto D4i has become one of the favorite dive comps of recreational divers. It boasts a user-friendly design featuring an easy-to-read matrix display. With the Suunto RGMB algorithm, the D4i supports continuous decompression. More so, this dive comp appears to be a great support for extremely detailed dive planning. The selection of colourful straps is a plus!

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Poseidon M28

Best Dive ComputersThe Poseidon is another unit that is highly recommended in its present new and improved form. The Poseidon M28 Dive Computer has set new standards for dive computer performance. It’s definitely one of the best dive computers because it boasts maps, graphics, GPS, Dive-By-Wire and a host of features that deliver class-leading functionality that’s incredibly intuitive to use.

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Suunto D6i Novo

Best Dive ComputersThe Suunto D6i Novo is a watch-sized dive computer for those who take their diving seriously. It is a great tool when other people rely on your diving skills because it is equipped with tilt-compensated 3D compass and wireless air integration.  Not only it does make your diving safer but it also makes a great addition to your civilian wardrobe.

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Mares Puck

Best Dive ComputersThe Mares Puck dive computer is one of the most basic, reliable workhorses of all the entry level dive computers. It is perfect as a backup dive computer for tec-rec divers and ideal for beginners. Amazingly, for such a budget, this dive computer also supports Nitrox (21-50%) which makes it very attractive to beginners looking for the best dive computers for them. The simple one button design is great for anyone who has never used a dive computer before or students during their certification.

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Suunto Zoop

Best Dive ComputersThe Suunto Zoop is another great entry level dive computer. This computer offers a large display of 40mm and is extremely easy to read at a glance. It does not contain weird abbreviations like some computers tend to have because everything is well laid out. The buttons and functions are nicely labeled and the menu is easy to navigate. The Suunto Zoop is the best dive computer for those who are not looking to break the bank. Though everything is fairly basic, it does have both Air and Nitrox (21-50%) operating modes.

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