Looking for the Best Scuba Wetsuits? Here’s Your Guide

Best Scuba Wetsuits

We know you love the thrills, but not the chills.

The best scuba equipment is nothing if you end up shivering underwater. Luckily for us, divers, a variety of the best scuba wetsuits are available in the market today to keep you comfortably warm even in the intense dive conditions.

But here’s the catch – deciding for the best dive wetsuits probably sounds easier than it actually is. Unlike the usual gear for the common watersports, this choice can be a little tricky and involves various considerations such as the warmth or the environment you intend to dive in, the fit and comfort, and the quality and material of the wetsuit, among many others.

Ready to invest for the best scuba wetsuit for you? Read on, here’s your guide to choose.


1. Wetsuit Thickness VS Water Temperature

Deciding for the perfect thickness of your wetsuit is a vital criteria before you invest in one. But first things first – how warm is the water? The water temperature can address the wetsuit thickness in question. If you are unfamiliar with it, we would recommend asking seasoned divers who frequent the sites you intend to dive. Yes, trusting other divers and doing a little research won’t hurt!

What Best Scuba Deals Say:
* In warm, tropical waters, usually a thinner wetsuit or a shorty will be suitable enough.
* If you feel cold, a thicker wetsuit will suit best.
* For extremely cold dive conditions, a drysuit will even be appropriate.


2. Wetsuit Fit and Comfort

A perfect fit is as essential as the right thickness in choosing the best wetsuit. If water is constantly entering your scuba wetsuit, then consider it useless for it will not allow your body to heat up but only to shiver.

What Best Scuba Deals Say:
* The best scuba wetsuit should not be too loose, but should fit snugly around your body as if it is your second skin
* Though arm, leg and neck openings must be keep secured to prevent water to enter, we still think we should avoid a wetsuit that is too tight. 
* You would know that a wetsuit is too small if your movements are restrictred that you feel difficult to stand up straight


3. Wetsuit Quality and Material

So you now know the right thickness and fit, but you’re still not good to go if you’re unsure with the quality and material you should look out for a wetsuit.


A scuba wetsuit is made of synthetic rubber called neoprene. You would want to opt to a wetsuit with stretchable neoprene material. Consider it the neoprene is gas blown or chemical blown induced as well. What Best Scuba Deals Says? If durability is your priority, go for the gas blown induced neoprene.


Yes, even the seams should not be left ignored when considering to buy a wetsuit. The best scuba wetsuit should have double-glued seams and is reinforced with good stitching or thermal tape on the inside.


So we have just shared the important factors you should look out for when buying a wetsuit. All you have to do it to decide which is the best scuba wetsuits for you.

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