Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Mask: Snorkeling Problems All Solved

So, you are not a diver yet but still want to explore the underwater world. And yet you find it unfulfilling and the limits of your snorkeling gear are to be blamed on.
Worry not, just read on.

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask2

We know it. Divers tour the deep sea with the best scuba equipment in order to safely experience the underwater world. While snorkelers, on the other hand, explore the sea within a  5-10 meters deep with their basic and sometimes badly fitted googles and snorkel that will leave them with unsatisfying results and experience.

For first time snorkelers, it’ll be quite a surprise when they use the mask since their vision becomes limited than that of the normal. And when unexpected incident happens, the mask tend to to leak and fog up. Mask leakage and fogging up easily are only few of the many common issues in snorkeling that many people encounter. Snorkels tend to be a nuisance at times when you cannot breathe as easy as you would on land. Keeping the mouthpiece too long can also cause Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ Disorder). Thus, another reason for you to not get the full experience of snorkeling.

But worry not, snorkeling problems are all solved with the Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask.

You’ve already heard it from us before – we have already given you reasons why the Ocean Reef Aria will make you forget your old snorkeling mask.

And despite the competition on the full face snorkeling mask market, the Aria by Ocean Reef promises all of us what’s best. And I agree with both hands up!

Good bye fogging, leaking, jaw problems, and breathing difficulties. The Ocean Reef Aria solves all of these to give you the best experience underwater without causing you distress.

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Let me share you Aria’s amazing characteristics:
  1. Breath Naturally without a Problem

    Breath Naturally without a Problem

    The Aria freely makes snorkelers to be comfortable underwater and breathing naturally is one of the best way to let them get that feeling. With its unique dry top technology, it prevents any water from getting in – allowing you to breathe freely like how you do on land. Don’t get surprised and distracted by crashing waves!

  2. View the Mesmerizing World of the Sea

    View the Mesmerizing World of the Sea

    Having the chance to explore the sea, the Aria lets you see the unique beauty of the corals, the colorful creatures and marine life, and most of all, to watch how they peacefully coexist.

  3. Turn Everything into a Perfect Memory

    Turn Everything into a Perfect Memory

    In today’s generation, a snap of a camera in everything we do is already a norm especially with the youngsters. And Ocean Reef knew it, too! Now you can attach your waterproof camera (such as GoPro) on the Aria and fulfill your wish to take underwater pictures and videos without a problem.

  4. Enjoy Your Moment Hassle Free 

    Enjoy Your Moment Hassle Free

    Painful jaw, fogging mask and water leaks? The Aria addressed all those problems for you to be worry-free as you enjoyably swim to your hearts content.

  5. Top Grade Materials

    Top Grade Materials

    We only want to buy diving or snorkeling equipment that will last. To ensure this promise, Ocean Reef made the Aria with top-grade materials to fully utilize its features and for us to enjoy your snorkeling adventures.


Say no more. I got my Aria. Now let’s hit the beach!


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