The Best Dive Computers: Why You Should be Equipped with One

best dive computers


Many divers think that dive computers aren’t essential but we think the opposite.

If you are still using dive tables which can only account your greatest depth and still following the old rules, here are the reasons to change.

Being one of the most importance safety advances in diving, you can now ditch your tables and get one of the best dive computers today. This small equipment is arguably one of the most important among others and is often considered mandatory in diving today.

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why you should have the best dive computer:


  1. Persistent tracking of theoretical nitrogen loading

The best dive computer will make you aware in a manner of the amount of nitrogen it is absorbing, the ascent rate, and other principles to avoid decompression sickness. The best dive computer tracks the theoretical uptake and eliminates nitrogen within your body persistently throughout the change in depth, which makes more accurate investigation of nitrogen loading.

  1. More time underwater with multi-level diving techniques

What is a dive if you are only going for a short period of time because of worrying too much about getting into more dangerous and higher risks? With the best dive computer, it allows you to have a much longer dive on multi-level dive approach and remain within safe limits. This is because it takes into a record that a dive is apt to be spent on more shallow depth than of the maximum.


  1. Accurate depth or time recordings

Having trouble with having accurate records of actual depth and time? Well, the best dive computer eliminates your worries of both inaccurate determination of maximum depth and bottom time. It records the accurate actual depth and time of dive at various depths.


  1. Simpler decompression status

Best dive computer executes all calculations automatically, thus, having simpler and accurate readings. It persistently and continually tracks the depth, time of dive, non-decompression time remaining, surface interval, and adjusted non-decompression limits. The best dive computer will even calculate the decompression time and ceiling depth when a diver accidentally end up in a decompression situation.


  1. Ascent rate indicators

Every diver is taught to ascend slowly and never exceed the maximum ascent rate advised by his personal dive table, alas, this cannot assist you in calculating the ascent rate. When you exceeded the advised ascent rate, you may increase the chances of decompression sickness, and we do not want that right? The best dive computer attributes ascent rate calculations which monitors the ascent rate, thus, helping you to avoid rapid ascents.

  1. Air integrated computers

Who wouldn’t want additional features? Best dive computer doesn’t only provide accurate records of depth, time of dive, and decompression status, but it also attributes accurate cylinder pressure and air time remaining information based on your air breathing rate, cylinder’s capacity, and your depth.

  1. Integrated compass

The best dive computer features an electronic compass too! Like any other compass, it helps you navigate but easier to read, so you could find your way and return course.

You wouldn’t be regretting anymore because of a human error. The best dive computer integrates and gives all information and records you need during the whole dive. This serves as aid in preventing high-risk situations and emergencies.


Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Have a safe dive!


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