Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen – Free Shipping – June 2016


Get FREE SHIPPING if you buy 2 for the miracle bottle that offers double protection from the sun and jellyfish stings! 24 hours only!

FREE SHIPPING Deal Mechanics:

  1. Order the Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen (Minimum of 2 qty)
  2. Use this coupon code: safeseafreeshipping
  3. Complete order, we’ll deliver the item to your door!

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Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen SPF 95

  Best Sellers

  • Clinically tried and tested at universities and hospitals
  • Protects against jellyfish and sea lice stings
  • UVB / UVA protection
  • Very water resistant
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Organic, paraben-free, perfume-free and preservative-free
  • Water-in-oil emulsion
  • Contains important antioxidants such as vitamins B and E and plankton extract

*Free Shipping is valid for Singapore only

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Best Sellers



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Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen


Until July 01, 2016


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