Scuba Diving Techniques To Stay Longer Underwater

Stay Longer Underwater

Body weight doesn’t matter when we go underwater.

Gravity underwater is different from the surface. If you feel like your weight is too heavy, once submerged underwater you will float. It has always been a known fact that one’s weight is different for everyone once they are deep down the sea. Which is why, staying underwater for a diver has always been difficult since the oxygen consumption is unalike for everyone. Moreover, the more deeper the diver goes, the more difficult it is to stay beneath due to the water pressure.

At times, it is quite frustrating to be unable to stay longer than one desires but that is how it is. After all inequality has a lot of forms in the underwater world.

Key points to remember? First, the oxygen intake. Second, diving skills and techniques. Third, the type of equipment used. (Yes, we need to gear up with the best scuba equipment too!)

Always remember that not everyone is blessed to be physically fit but one can attain it with patience and proper discipline. Not everyone is a good swimmer too, but with proper practice, one can achieve it. You know it – not everyone is born a diver but with training, diligence and endeavor, then one can be a diver – and a great diver for that matter.

Take to consider, for example, if someone uses a 1800 psi of oxygen cylinders and the other is using a 1000 psi then certainly the less psi one have would surely be the first one to resurface. And yet, there are those who can compete with the 1800 psi in order to stay in the underwater longer.

Yes, this is without a doubt true. And this is because of certain techniques that one can master to be able to remain longer under the water.

Interested? Curious? Or doubtful?

Then this is a good way to answer those inquisitive minds with these simple reminders to gain the techniques of staying longer underwater.

Control One’s Breathing

It’s best for one to be conscious of their breathing underwater. Always remember to keep a rhythm on one’s breathing in order conserve more air. One should get the proper breathing using the mouth as they pause for a second or two when inhaling.

Avoid Unnecessary Movement

Moving too fast, flapping one’s fin too much and exerting a lot of energy will lead to a lot of oxygen consumption becoming one of the reasons why staying longer underwater is difficult. Don’t you think its much better to just enjoy the amazing view as if you’re strolling around after all, the view underneath the water is a fantasy where one wants to fully explore.

Position Control 

Being able to swim underwater while maintaining one’s position is a skill that one must know because without properly using one’s Buoyancy control would make a diver to swim recklessly, losing most of his/her oxygen in the process which is why proper control would result to a smooth swim.

Swim Properly

Just because you know how to flap your fins doesn’t mean you really know how to swim. it would be nice to ask for advice for a proper swimming position in order to fully avoid overexerting oneself. it is also a necessary for one to avoid any equipment that could hinder one’s swimming.

Take some necessary checks

Safety is a priority when it comes to diving which is why its necessary to check one’s equipment as to whether there could be damages and adjustments that are in need of replacement/adjustment. Also if one is overweight then an adjustment of Buoyancy control device is needed in order to not have any accidents.

Take it Easy

Never let yourself be reckless and just take things easy as one contemplate what one should do. for example when diving in a ship wreck it’s best to take precaution as to what feet one should dive in with the worry of one’s oxygen and so on.

Have Fun

Being anxious and afraid would not be best when your underwater, it’s still best to remain calm and enjoy the scenery. Keep a hold of your breath and swim properly.

Educate Oneself

Nothing beats a person who loves to learn. As one’s knowledge grow so does one’s experience making it easier to adapt and maneuver oneself when diving.


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