Understanding Weights Underwater: Integrated Weight System vs Weight Belts


Some divers seems to have misinterpreted the utility of the weight system. The weight system is a necessary item/s for scuba diving. Naturally, divers are buoyant making it quite difficult to reach the depths of the ocean when diving. Even the wetsuit is keeping divers to descend due to its extreme buoyancy.

With the help of the weight system, the descent is a lot easier while still allowing the divers to ascend swiftly and easily if needed. There are a couple of options when choosing which weights to used for diving, and we’ve rundown each with both their setbacks and benefits.


The weighted belts is known to be the “oldest weight system”, some divers even considers it as the “tried and true” weight system. The weighted belt is made from nylon with lead weights on it. It is fasten around the diver’s waist like any ordinary belt and is both incredibly affordable and easy to find.

There are also weighted belts that are fancier. It is made from fabric and have a pocket, to provide extra comfort for divers.

Weighted belts are important when you’re not using much weight. If you’ve decided to dive in warm water or you’re using a shorty wetsuit/bodysuit, the weighted belts is all you need. Although when a diver is in need of extra weight, you might need to something more.


If the idea of having a belt wrapped around your waist is uncomfortable, there’s an option wherein the weights are hook right on to your BCD. Integrated weights are built right into the diver’s BCD which means less worry of carrying an extra piece of equipment. Most divers would even say that it’s much comfortable without anything hanging around the diver’s waist. Although, the diver’s BCD would be a lot heavier.

Diving in a cooler temperature or when a diver is using a dive suit, the BCD integrated weights are very useful especially when a diver is in need of more weight.

Combining The Two

If you are in need of a lot of weight, you can notice that it won’t fit the belt or the BCD weight pockets anymore.

A diver can use the two equipment to divide the weight. Half could be in your BCD weight pocket and the other half is in you weight belt. It’s far more comfortable when distributing the weights evenly.

In choosing among the three, a diver must also consider one factor and that is the the release of the weight system. The release system is very important especially at times when you are in need to quickly release the weights. It must be quick and accessible.

A diver’s safety is not a joking matter which is why having a quick release system is important. It’s feature is the single quick release latch of the diver’s weight system that allows them to drop their weights in one hand motion. Remember that by having a quick release system doesn’t mean that the buckles would be extremely loose, it should be strong and reliable but easy to release.
A diver can also choose to have a weight system with multiple release, to release some of the weights instead of losing all of it.

The weight system would truly be of help to divers in their dive. With this simple equipment, diver’s can easily control their buoyancy. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best one for you!

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