Seven Popular Types of Best Dive Bags

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There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to dive bags in the market. Choosing the best dive bag for you can be a challenge, just like many things in diving. The best dive bag for you largely depends on what type of typing you will be using it for. You would want a bag that would fit your needs and still be able to pass through the luggage security check with no problems. Here are seven types of the best dive bags that you can choose from:


  1. Duffel Bag Style

A duffel bag is possibly the most popular and versatile dive bag. It is essentially just a big compartment where you can stuff all your gear into. Some duffel gear bags may come with wheels to make transportation easier. It features pockets and separate compartment which will add to the price tag, of course. It lasts a long time however it can get heavy with full dive gear and other items stored away.

  1. Roller Bags

Rolling bags have a more civilized approach. This style is very versatile and is available in a infinite number of configurations. This type of bags comes with a variety of flavors, from small carry-on bags to roller duffel bags to larger roller suitcases. Roller bags are usually preferred by divers who do a lot traveling with their gear. The wheels make it easy to transport through airports, terminal, parking lots, etc.


  1. Back Pack Style

The backpack style is arguably one of the most comfortable styles. You just simply sling it on your back and have your hands free for other purposes. There are a few backpack styles available with various sizes. Mid-sized backpacks are popular among snorkelers as they are lightweight, easy to keep your gear all together once you’ve arrived your destination. Other backpacks come with dry compartment for wet swimsuits, towels, etc. Most also come with wheels and has outside pockets for better storage and organization. The only downside is it may be more expensive than other soft sided models.


  1. Regulator Bags

Regulator bags are important and this type of bag may be the most popular type of specialty dive bag of all. As it name implies, it is designed to just hold and protect your dive regulator. It is usually padded and zippered. Some have additional functionality like it expands from a padded regulator bag to a larger duffel bag, making it ideal for a holiday travel. Others come with special compartments for dive computer and other tools and parts.


  1. Hard Case Style

Hard Case Style is like the armored truck of scuba diving bags. The hard case dive bag can usually handle a lot of abuse and erosion. This type is usually used for more sensitive scuba equipment such as cameras and housing, computers, etc. However this type is usually the most expensive type of gear bag and the size cannot be manipulated unlike soft sided dive bags.


  1. Mesh Bags

There are many different kinds of mesh bags. Some are small enough which are good in carrying mask, fins, snorkel and other small equipment onto the dive boat. Others are big enough to bring all your gear onto the boat. The good thing about the mesh bag type is it allows the water to drain our of the bag and allows air circulation in, aiding in the drying process. Some have pockets are equipped with outside pockets that holds lens drops, emergency repair kit, etc.


  1. Dry Bags

This type of bag comes in many different sizes so you can find the best dry bag that fits your needs. Dry bags are great for boat diving as it protects items from sand, dirt and water. One thing to consider is a clear dry bag, especially if you are using a larger size because digging through a large dry bag is no easy task. It can be hard to locate items since you cannot see what is in there. The only downside of a clear drybag is that if you have something valuble inside, other people will be able to see it also. Nevertheless, choosing the best dive bag for you is just a matter of preference.

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