Apollo Bio Fin Ranger


Apollo Bio Fin Ranger With Spring Strap is a lighter more compact tactical split fin made from 100% natural rubber material designed specifically for Military and SAR operations and are ideal for helicopter and parachute insertions.



Wide foot pocket designed for use with amphibious and combat boots. Also well suited for high profile over boots and divers with wider than average shoe size.
Tough 100% natural 75 natural rubber provides exceptional maneuverability and explosive thrust
Dynamic split blade technology proven to reduce fatigue and maximize endurance
Secure stainless steel spring straps eliminate strap and lug breakage. Easy to don and remove
Increase footwear options with alternate size spring sets
Color: Black

Additional information


L-XL 275mm, L-XL 300mm, L-XL 325mm, L-XL 350mm, M-L 275mm, M-L 300mm, M-L 325mm, M-L 350mm


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