Gull Coco Open Heel Fins


The Gull Coco Open Heel Fins are for women and newcomers to diving, lightweight, compact fins with a comfortable, easy kick. With a better-designed center guide, the quick release locking mechanism can be latched and detached even by weak and tired hands. Less force is also required with the improved strap adjustment button. You can easily fine tune the strap fitting as require.


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Gull Coco Open Heel Fins Features:

  • Can catch water firmly by bending central blade area
  • Fins have epoch-making jet hole
  • Buckle is easier to deal with
  • Have wide inlets and narrow outlets
  • Arched designed blades
  • Great propulsive power

The lateral flex of the blade firmly catches water. The channeling effect and jet holes smooth send water backwards. This generates strong propulsion, even for divers who are unsure of their leg strength. The buckle is now more easy to deal with. Now with a wider center guide, this quick release locking mechanism does not require much strength to get on and off.

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