Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins


The Tusa Solla Fins is designed with the latest advanced materials and hydrodynamic innovations. A completely new design, the Solla has several unique features that deliver superior propulsion, speed and maneuverability.

The Tusa Solla Fins is powered by ForcElast technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade fin. In addition to ForcElast technology, the Solla features TUSA’s patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.), an optimized three channel crescent shaped blade with reinforced side-rails and vents, a multi-compound anatomic foot pocket and TUSA’s Anatomic Fin Strap (A.F.S.) and EZ buckle system.

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> Powered by ForcElast Technology
> TUSA patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)
> Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade
> Newly designed anatomic foot pocket enhances comfort
> Three channel blade with crescent tip maximizes propulsion
> Reinforced blade side-rails and vents fine-tune performance
> Standard with Anatomic Fin Strap (A.F.S.)
> TUSA patented EZ Strap and buckle systems

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Black, Cobalt Blue, Fishtail Blue, Flash Yellow, Hot Pink, Light Blue/White, Metallic Red, Pearlescent Pink/White, Siesta Green, Siesta Green/White




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