Make the Greatest Dive with these Summer Must Haves

Summer Must HavesSummer is here again and planning to sport diving in one of your escapades? Get your bags set with the proper items and the best scuba equipments, because your journey is already partially successful before you even begin.

Make the biggest splash with these Summer Must Haves:

  1.  Safe Sea Sunscreen


    [/one_third] We want you to enjoy your beach escapades without worrying about not getting protected with the dangerous UV rays, and also with jellyfish stings!

Safe Sea is an organic sunscreen with SPF 95, thus, offers higher UV protection. It is graded as “Very Water Resistant”, which means that it can last up to 80 minutes of aquatic or marine activities. Not only does the Safe Sea protect you from the dangerous UV rays, but also a protection from jellyfish stings. Safe Sea deactivates and prevents the stingers.

Safe Sea is organic, paraben-free, perfume-free, preservative free, and suitable for sensitive skin types too! Besides from being your handy protection, Safe Sea is also coral-friendly, which is really important, because most sunscreens have chemicals that hurt and destroy the underwater world.

Add Safe Sea now to your must haves.

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  1. Snorkeling Set


[/one_third] What is diving without the best scuba equipment? You can’t go diving and see the wonders of the underwater world without a snorkeling set. It consists of the mask, snorkel, and the fins.

One essential for the mask is to get one of good quality that fits you perfectly. It has to fit over your nose and make an airtight seal under your nose, around your forehead, and on the sides of your face.

The snorkel will let you breathe with your face stuffed in the water. It has a mouthpiece that is soft and comfortable that seals out any water. It can be attached to the side of the mask that will allow you to breathe in different head positions.

As for the fins, you will gain efficiency and speed with them. They also protect your feet from accidental contact to rocks and corals.

You should choose your snorkeling set that best fits your type and is comfortable to use while in water.

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  1. Rashguard


[/one_third] The best scuba equipments include a rashguard. Like sunscreens, it is primarily used for protection and avoid some stings. Not only for protection purposes, it is also to insulate warmth especially when under water.

It has to fit perfectly and comfortably. Choose your rashguard now.

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  1. Dive Bags


[/one_third]We want you to have the biggest splash and not worrying about your stuffs. This best scuba equipment is a must have. Dive bags are the most efficient way to transport your equipments to anywhere, even in your beach escapades!

Dive bags can store all the equipment a diver need. They are made with light materials that can be easily rinsed and dried, which means, they don’t absorb and your equipments won’t get wet.

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Figure what you are going to carry.

Be sure to have these best scuba equipments –your summer must haves!

Happy diving!

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