The Art Of Letting Go of Underwater Entanglement


No matter how careful you are with your actions, accidents may still happen even if you have been careful enough. Accidents sometimes happen unnoticeable. One of the most common accidents that divers encounter is entanglement or being entrapped. Here are some solutions you may consider:


1. Freeze
First option you may want to consider is to freeze. Stop moving. Being in panic fastens your breathe thus this makes you spend more oxygen. This may be really dangerous as while spending more oxygen on your regulator, this may result in running out of air earlier than expected. So it is best to stay freeze, stay calm and do not move as a first option.


2. Strip
(It’s just your gear, stay cool!) If you have no idea how you have been entangled and cannot see it clearly, it’s best to just remove your fin or even your BCD. You can also move it to where you can fix the problem. Not only this makes it easy to identify the cause of entanglement but this also makes it easy to fix the problem by cutting what entrapped you with the best cutting tool.


3. Get Help
If you cannot cut it yourself with the best cutting tools and you cannot handle it, use your best signaling device like a best scuba torch to signal your buddy or diving group for help. You may also use a dive stick or aluminum pointer or a tank rattle to get your buddy’s or dive group’s attention.


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