The Best Diving Equipment You Need to Buy First

The First Diving Equipment I need to Purchase | Best Scuba Deals


The first diving equipment that you’ve ever used was rented during your training, I’m guessing. And once you are certified, then it’s time for you to own the best scuba equipment.

Finally, your own scuba equipment!  Though rental options are still available, it is entirely different to have your own. And your first problem is to know which piece of equipment you should buy first – considering almost all the gear are of equal importance for scuba.

But c’mon, you already know that the staple items like fins, snorkel, and mask can be bought easily and at a low price – so you can still rent them, or buy and replace anytime. (Or you can build your collection, too!)

But what I’m talking about here is the first dive equipment that you consider as an investment. And you got it right – its either the best scuba regulator, or the best dive computer. Every diver wants the best breathing apparatus underwater, that’s why it is no question to making your first investment in regulators. But I think, modern divers like us have the need to make every dive convenient, safe, measured and documented – thus its worthy to spend your first bucks on the best (yes only the best) dive computer.


YES, the Best Dive Computer


Don’t agree with my idea? Read on, my friend.

Aside for not being available at most dive equipment rentals, dive computers has a lot of advantages that could both help you and keep you safe. They may cost a fortune but having it as your first dive equipment is worth it, for it can constantly track your decompression status when diving.

With it’s feature to track decompression status, a diver can check if he/she has already exceeded their dive time. Having a plan for decompression dives before a dive isn’t reassuring after all, nature is unpredictable at times. That’s why it’s convenient to be able to check one’s status.

Being able to constantly check one’s diving time, a diver can have more time underwater with a multi-level diving technique. Since most dives doesn’t have a square profile, the more you change your depth, the more nitrogen (in gassing) rate changes.

As your dive computer continuously recalculate your utmost dive time, it would evaluate one’s current depth, in gassing rate and also the nitrogen levels, a dive can have an accurate depth/time recording to increase one’s dive. It’s also convenient because a diver can have access to information about his/her previous dive, which is very useful for documenting in one’s logbook.

Once a diver wants to ascent his dive, it was taught that he/she must ascend carefully to not exceed the utmost ascent rate prescribed by their dive table. Although there would be times where it varies, a diver could exceed his/her proper ascent rate, increasing the chance to have decompression sickness. Time tables can’t fully determine the actual ascent rate during a dive but dive computers can. With it’s Ascent Rate Indicators, a dive computer can allow a diver to check his/her ascent to carefully avoid ascending too fast.

And that’s how useful it is, it’s true that it costs a lot but behind that, lies a lot of benefits. With all of it’s cool features, best dive computer will assure your safety. Think about it, as a diver, you can’t predict what could happen any given time, a planned table can fail any moment and dive computers can help you at those times. And from there, you can complete your diving equipment.



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