The Crazy Rashguard Sale: $13.99 ONLY, Save Up to 60%!

Best Scuba Deals Crazy Rashguard Sale

Due to insistent public demand, we are throwing another crazy sale for the best rashguards for men and women!

Yes, surprisingly, a crazy number of people found our previous Rashguard deal to be a great bargain and our stocks went off so fast!

We are launching our craziest Rashguard SALE yet! 

Now you can buy the best rashguard at a crazy price – $13.99 (Save 60%!)


That’s another whopping 60% OFF!

Grab yours for your next adventure – scuba diving, swimming, or for any other water sports!

3 days only. Don’t miss out the steal.

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Learn More About the Best Rashguard on Sale


Designed to reduce UV exposure. 8 oz. 4-Way flex nylon / Spandex composite Breathable, flat lock – stitched seams 50+ U.V. Protection blocks 97.5% of harmful rays. Fast drying and odor resistant. Very breathable with flat lock stitched seams.

Product Highlights:

  • UV-cut Lycra protection
  • Flatlock stitched construction for non-chafing wear
  • Come with fashionable color style match consumer needs
  • Ingrated with attractive graphic pattern design
  • The best of size fitting
  • Suitable for Surfing and all aquatic sports

BSD - Crazy Rashguard Sale v2

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Best Rashguard on Sale

SGD 13.99 – BEFORE SGD 35

Until March 06, 2016

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