Ultimate Guide to Prevent Your Best Scuba Torch From Being Faulty

Ultimate Guide to Prevent Your Best Scuba Torch From Being Faulty

Best Scuba Torches are very simple but very useful when it comes to diving. Not only they are used as light source – which is their main purpose but best scuba torches are also used as signaling devices. Torches are fairly simple however if neglected, may tend to be rebellious! As any other piece of your essential equipment, you need to always treat your best scuba torch with care. Here are guidelines to prevent your best scuba torch from being faulty:

  • Recharge your rechargeable batteries occasionally

If you tend to put your torch away for a long period of time, you should recharge your rechargeable batteries every few months. After that, you need to power the torch up to make sure it is fully functioning. This is to ensure that for your best scuba torch is still reliable for your next dive. Even fully charge batteries runs out in time. It is advised to completely replace batteries that have been left uncharged for long periods of time. Best if you remove the batteries inside if you are going to store your best scuba torch for a really long time as batteries may tend to leak inside.

  • Only Use Recommended Battery Type

Only use the battery type recommended for your torch. The battery type vary from light brands and models. Zinc carbon batteries are cheaper types of batteries but not advised by most. This is because zinc carbon type of batteries are not designed to supply the maximum performance of some torches. Most people use alkaline types of batteries however alkaline batteries may leak corrosive liquid when mishandled of left for months stored in a flashlight. Another type is lithium type however most of the time, quality comes with price.

  • Do Not Over Grease O-Rings

You always need to check the main o-ring before each dive – you just need to simply open your best scuba torch and remove the o-ring with your fingers. Using tools could cut the o-ring or scratch the sealing surfaces. In cleaning the o-ring, you can simply run your index finger and thumb until it feels smooth and clean or you may also wipe it with a soft lint-free cloth. Only shine the o-ring with grease. Grease does not improve the seal and over-greasing is highly prohibited. This is because grease makes the torch likely leak or flood.

  • Maximize Lamp Life

Brand new batteries have slightly higher voltage than used ones. Increasing voltage applied may decrease your torch’s life. This is one of the most common things why torches become faulty. In order to reduce your batteries’ voltage, you should give it about an hour rest after charging. You may also turn the torch on and leave it for a few minutes to reduce the excess voltage. Torch’s life may also shorten by going from alkaline batteries to lithium due to slightly higher voltage of lithium cells. Take note to always make sure to only get the right voltage.

  • Be Mindful of Flooding

Best scuba torches are designed to be used underwater but water alone may make it faulty. To prevent this, if your torch floods with water, turn it off immediately. Immediately unscrew the bezel and rinse the contents with fresh water once you return to shore or dive boat. After the parts are completely dry, reassemble torch to see if it still works. Make sure every part is dry especially if you are going to store your torch for a long period of time. Storing your torch away damp increases the chance of corrosion which can highly damage your best scuba torch.

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