What’s so special about dive gloves?

best dive gloves

We use our hands a lot, not only in our daily lives but also during dives. Diving to a wreck or a reef requires attention due to sharpness of the things in the surroundings. There is a high possibility that you will get a cut because our hands get really soft because of the water contact underwater. Even though it is prohibited to touch anything while diving, we all know it is inevitable to brush against some corals or grab onto a rocky outcrop during a current.

* Aids in temperature control

Wearing dive gloves is not a “newbie” thing to do. Our hands and feet get really cold in a short period of time. This is why wearing the best dive gloves you can find is really rational. Dive gloves are made of neoprene – a synthetic polymer resembling rubber which is oil, heat and weathering resistant. If you wear your best dive gloves, circulation would not exist in water between your hands and the neoprene gloves thus keeping your hands warm. The trapped water in the gloves gets warmer by time by using the diver’s body heat. Providing comfort to the diver and preventing having cold hands during the dive.

* Provides protection

There are some unexpected situations wherein a pair of your best dive gloves could prevent you from getting cut by a rusty wreckage. Certain kinds of corals and other nasties triggers most divers’ allergic reaction. You need a pair that will keep your hands warm but more importantly protects your hands while offering enough ability in doing the simple tasks like pushing tiny buttons on your underwater camera. The best dive gloves for you can offer your hands decent protection while diving and form an essential part of your scuba diving equipment.

* Helps in gripping properly

Dive gloves with rubberized palm and finger coatings give a good grip. Getting a good grip during your dive is important especially when it comes to your equipment. Another situation is also having a good grip onto something when a strong current occurs. Having a good grip may save you from being dragged by currents to unknown places – which is extremely dangerous as there might be unknown creatures swimming within. Gripping onto something rocky may damage your hands if you are not wearing your best dive gloves with you which may result into cuts or allergies. Take note that some things underwater may contain poison.


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