Why You Should Buy A Cheap Dive Knife

Why You Should Buy A Cheap Dive Knife



A dive knife is a common tool by scuba divers to cut entangled fishing lines or rap on their tanks to get a buddy’s attention. Some cutting tools are also used alternatively for the same purpose.

There are many types of dive knives available in the market today. Some parameters in buying the best dive knife are quality, material, durability, types of usage, size, portability, etc. And to get the best, some sellers might let you pay a price.

But before spending some cold cash, here are some reasons why we recommend that you should only buy cheap dive knives.

1. Price does not equal quality

Most divers hesitate to choose a cheap dive knife because they think its quality is low compared to an expensive knife. Some divers have a common idea that cheap dive knives can easily be damaged and the quality is not reliable.

But who says price is equal to quality? As long as you know how to take care of your dive knife, you can use it for a much longer time than the usual.


2. Same function and usage despite price difference

Whenever you are trapped by a fishing line, seaweed, kelp, or other elements underwater, the first thing to do is to cut it or with a dive knife and free yourself from any entrapment.

But hey, expensive and cheap knives alike do have the same function and usage. What’s the difference?


3. Be reminded that you only wanted safety, and nothing else

For most divers, the best dive knife is simple a tool that offers safety and peace of mind. Be reminded that we only want a functional dive knife for safety reasons – and forget that you need the most expensive one.


4. Beware of that accidental drop

Unlike other diving tools and equipment which are commonly integrated to a wearable gear, using a dive knife is tricky. While cutting that entanglement underwater, you might just accidentally drop it and lose sight of it right after.

Now, what if you have the most expensive knife? I bet you won’t rush down deeper just to get it back, for sure. Even technical divers might think twice as this risk could mean their lives.

It is still best that while you carry an inexpensive knife in your hands, when you lose it, you still can have that peace of mind. So what, you can buy one again next time.


5. Why settle for pricey knives, if you can get it at Best Scuba Deals at a steal!

This is the most important reason why you wouldn’t want to impulse-buy at your local dive shop for some expensive dive knives. Why pay for bucks when you can steal the same branded and high-quality knife at a steal from Best Scuba Deals?

We are running regular deals for almost all of the best diving equipment – including the best dive knives.


But here’s the bottom line.

The usual advantage of those dive knives at a price are usually quality and the ability to last longer. No worries though – as long as you know how to take care of your dive knife and use it only for the best purposes, then you will surely extend its lifespan.

And before you settle for what you thought is the best dive knife at a local dive shop, check our prices first. You might just get a good deal for it.

Let’s be safe underwater, divers!


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