A TOOL, not a weapon: Why You Should Carry the Best Scuba Knife

Best Scuba Knife

Ever heard of diving knives? Most people are still debating why one should carry a knife with them when diving. For all we know, knives can be very dangerous. But the first thing you need to know about that a dive knife is that it is not a weapon, but rather a TOOL and an essential part of dive safety.


The primary reason why you need to take the best dive knife for you is to accompany you, as a diver, to remove yourself or your buddy from one of the worst nightmare of scuba divers – entanglement. Being entangled underwater can be very critical. As a diver, it is common to be caught with underwater vegetation or lines as you go along under the sea and most people who have escaped this unfortunate event will never consider diving without  diving knife. For those of you that dive around kelp forests, getting entangled in the sea kelp is another great reason to always bring your best dive knife with you.


Last March 11, 2013, a humpback whale was entangled in a fishing gear in the waters off Maui. This is another reason why you need to take the best dive knife with you – be an underwater hero and help our underwater friends. Yes! Not only humans but our friendly sea creatures get entangled underwater too. Entanglement can cause starvation, fatigue by the creature by dragging the gear behind it, by causing injuries that lead to blood loss or infection or worse, death.


Why should it be a diving knife and not a regular knife? Because diving knives are especially design for underwater purposes. They are usually made up of titanium or surgical grade stainless steel. But if you are choosing stainless steel, you will still need to reconsider because not all stainless steel are created equal. Another reason is the grip, they are designed to withhold the underwater pressure. They come in various styles like pointed and blunt. According to other divers, a pointed one might bring more problems that benefits as the tip can cause some puncture in the wet suit or regulator however if you have a blunt nose knife, it can be used as handy dandy flat head screwdriver.

These are only some reasons why whatever happens it is very important to always carry your best dive knife with you whenever you enter the underwater.


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